Essay on Renaissance Artists: Fillipo Brunelleschi

Essay on Renaissance Artists: Fillipo Brunelleschi

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Art and The Artist: A Renaissance Research Paper

Was Filippo Brunelleschi a true Renaissance artist? Perhaps but one thing that Filippo is best known for is his work on the Cathedral of Santa de Fiore in Florence Italy. It all started in his earlier years when Filippo started his apprenticeship with goldsmithing. Filippo went to Arte Della Seta. Where he became a guild goldsmith.
In 1401 Brunelleschi compete against his rival Lorenzo Ghiberti. Brunelleschi and Lorenzo were to make two separate bronze doors. The Florence baptistry would then choose the best door. Upset that Lorenzo’s door was chosen. Filippo concentrated more on architecture than sculpting.
Very little is known about his transition between sculpting and architect. Little is also known about the sudden change of manners from Goth or medieval to classicism. Perhaps that was when Filippo was inspired by what was around him. Since he and his good friend Donatello went to Rome to study ruines.
In doing so Filippo rediscovered Linear Perspective. Greeks and Romans knew and used Linear perspective. Linear perspective was lost in the middle ages. Thanks to Brunelleschi artists started using Linear Perspective to create illusions. Pretty soon Linear Perspective was spreading like wild fire.
Filippo Brunelleschi died April 16, 1446 at the age of sixty-nine. It is said that Filippo was the first pioneer of the Renaissance architecture. Based on the information I have given I’m sure you can make a decision like I have. Therefore I conclude that Filippo Brunelleschi was and is a true Renaissance artists.

The Sacrifice of Isaac was a piece done by Filippo Brunelleschi for the Baptistery of Bittistero. The Baptistery of Bittistero wanted a bronze door, so the Baptist...

... middle of paper ...

... lombards had brought from Germany, as well as the chivalry influence, along with northern forms of civilization.
Therefore the Renaissance meaning “Rebirth” can speak for itself. Throughout history one civilization or another has gone through a major change. The Italians for instance had let go of barbarism, therefore going through change. If the Italians had not let barbarism pass they probably would not have any literature.
Was Filippo Brunelleschi a true Renaissance artist? Well it depends on if you think that architecture is art. In most countries architecture is considered art, but brunelleschi was not just known for his architecture. He was also known for his sculptures. For example his commission to the church of San Giovanni depicting the sacrifice of Isaac. It is a wonderful piece. Therefore I believe that Filippo Brunelleschi was a true Renaissance artist.

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