Essay on Renaissance And Renaissance During The Renaissance Era

Essay on Renaissance And Renaissance During The Renaissance Era

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• Renaissance or “rebirth” is a cultural movement that has started in Italy during late 14th century and expanded to early 17th century.
• Renaissance was a bridge that allowed Western Europe to move from the medieval era to the modern era. Renaissance later spread to other parts of Europe.
• Advances in technology allowed art and architecture to flourish during the renaissance era.
• Cities like Florence in Italy saw a spike of artists and architects who have changed from mere paid skilled laborers to professional artists.
• The word Renaissance referred to the rebirth of the ancient classical art of the Greco-Roman culture.
• This worked well for the Italians as the Roman Empires heritage was all around them from monuments to statues and literature.
• The Italians attempted to create art and architecture that are different from those of the middle age. They invented new forms of art and architecture.
• The Italian renaissance focused on art, architecture, literatures, and philosophy.
• The renaissance found in Italy a better suited environment for development as the Italian city-states have developed a group of wealthy families who could afford to spend money lavishly on art, architecture, and literature.
• Art constituted the most important aspect of the Italian renaissance. It was in art that the renaissance was established as a new movement toward a more modern era.
• Art was considered its own branch of knowledge. Artists were able to create valuable masterpieces with divine and human like imagery.
• This era experienced the birth of brilliant artists such as Leonardo Davin chi who excelled in art and science and was behind many inventions and discoveries which will later make a great impact on the world we live in. ...

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... Sant’Andrea in Mantua which he completed in 1470, the facades of the Tempio Malatestiano in Rimini which was completed on 1450, and the Church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence which was completed in 1470.
• Donato Bramante is the pioneer behind the high renaissance architecture, he came to Rome at age 55, in 1499.
• One of his architectural works is a roman masterpiece called Tempietto (1502) located at San Pietro in Montoro. The masterpiece is a dome that was placed at a center of a church recalling the brilliance of the classical architecture. Bramante was chosen by the pope Julius II, who held the papacy between 1503 and 1513, as the papal architect.
• Together they initiated a plan to replace the Old Saint peter’s church which dates back to the fourth century with a new church with gigantic dimensions. The project was completed long after Bramante 's death.

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