Essay on Renaissance and Medieval Architecture

Essay on Renaissance and Medieval Architecture

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The Renaissance Era is remembered as the age of revival of Greco-Roman or of the old antiquity in Europe. But what caused this revival? The Medieval Era, or Middle Ages was Renaissance’s predecessor. During the Medieval Era, Gothic and Romanesque Architecture was seen throughout Europe. Since Renaissance followed the Middle Ages, it is possible to describe their differences throughout Europe. The changes that happened throughout culture, religion, ideology, and government ultimately led the people of the Renaissance Era to express their skills in architecture, sciences, arts, and etc. The contrast in expression of art or architecture is apparent both eras. The ideologies among the great shifted from that of holding on to the belief in religion to an approach on life never seen before. The Renaissance people strived to learn in sciences and humanism. Religion was still in fact a large part of life for people in the Renaissance, it just seemed to gradually lessen its power; but their belief was still intact.

Early Medieval, Romanesque and Gothic Architecture are within the broad range of the Middle Age, ca 400-1400. These Architecture styles were mainly seen on religious structures, which were in a grandeur scale or had a sense of monumentality. The purpose of the architect was to represent the Religion. The Middle Age can be looked at as dark gloomy years for Europe but in reality it was in the interest in Religion that led to the look of the façade of these styles. The world of Islam saw its Golden Age rise as the decline of Rome deepened through Europe. With the Decline of the Great Roman Empire in Northern Europe came the lack of governed infrastructure. This led to an age of uncertainty and faith kept the people intact. Rel...

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...ment saw the human body in geometric context and proportion; anatomy of the body also gave interest. Humanists found Ancient documents revealing the true engineering and beauty in Greco-Roman Culture. Humanists aspired to recreate the Classical Architecture and expressed their liberal art. With beautiful structures came gratification for an architect in the Renaissance Era.

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