The Renaissance : An Age Of Recovery From The Catastrophic 16th Century Essay

The Renaissance : An Age Of Recovery From The Catastrophic 16th Century Essay

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The renaissance was an age of recovery from the catastrophic 14th century, a time for the slow process of recovering from the effects of the Black Death, political disorder, and the economic recession. This recovery was accompanied by a rediscovery of the Greco-Roman culture and civilization. The renaissance began in Italy. There are plenty of reasons why Italy was the main location for revival of antiquity. The first one being the plague was the first to leave Italy. Therefore, they had more time to recover and grow. Another being that Italy was the main power during the past Greco-Roman culture, especially where it flourished in Rome. The rebirth in Italy led to the revival of three characteristics; an emergence of humanist attitudes, art, and the development of printing.
Renaissance humanism was an intellectual movement based on the study of the classical literary works of Greece and Rome. The humanist movement had a profound effect on education. Renaissance humanists believed that human beings could be dramatically changed by education. In class we looked at three examples, one being Alberti. Alberti wrote a letter portraying his condifence of civic humanists and how a proper education would be of supreme value to the state as well as to the individuals who pursued it. Alberti in the importance of literature says, “From such reading you will rise rich in good maxims and good arguments, strong in your ability to persuades others and get them to listen to you among the citizens you will willingly be heard, admired, praised, and loved.” This encouraged many to pursue an education. This led to more individuals having the opportunity to receive an education then ever through scholarships. Humanist at the time where viewed in a ne...

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... languages. The impact of the printing press not only led to economic growth in Europe, but also the development of a more intellectual society.
After the severe economic reversals and social upheavals from the Middle Ages, the European economy gradually recovered. The Renaissance was a transition back to Greco-Roman civilization from the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages was also referred to as the Dark Ages due to the lack of Classical Culture. It is also referred to the Dark Ages due to the Black Death and other negative effects from the period. Both time periods are very different when compared to one another. The regrowth of Europe from the disastrous impact of the Middle Ages and rebirth of classical Greco-Roman culture was fueled by emergence of humanist viewpoints, new perspective of art (realism), and the expanding of education through printing of books.

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