Essay about The Renaissance : A Time Of Prosperity

Essay about The Renaissance : A Time Of Prosperity

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The Renaissance was a time of prosperity in Europe. This was the time that followed the Middle Ages and that has had an impact in the modern world through its various forms of arts, culture, philosophies and religions that have risen from this time. Unlike the Dark Ages within the Middle Ages, this time had many more documentation. Christianity had spread very quickly throughout the Dark Ages—but since the Renaissance, people have held more of a secular view and several Christian religions have developed from a man that questioned the church at the time—Martin Luther. In addition, several scientific and mathematic discoveries have been invented like logarithm and the scientific method. But above all, most would perhaps associate the Renaissance with its most creative and famous paintings and their artists: Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa, Michelangelo and David, Michelangelo and the Creation of Adam, and Raphael and School of Athens. These were the symbols that made the Renaissance a living treasure for humans that have reached us today. All of these aspects were some of the examples that have come from this marvelous time in human era.
For example, art was perhaps the most recognizable properties during this time. One of the most recognize artists in today’s time is perhaps Leonardo da Vinci. According to the textbook, da Vinci was “born in Vinci, about twenty miles of Florence… [and] was the illegitimate son of a peasant named Caterina and Ser Piero” (Benton et al 19). This artist had made several artistic creations that have reached the eyes of most of the world today. The Last Supper was a phenomenal creation by Leonardo da Vinci. It envisions the prophet Jesus and his twelve disciples. Interestingly, the textbook highli...

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...ody and astonishing mathematicians like John Napier, who discovered logarithm, making calculations simpler (64). All in all, due to the scientific advances, astronomers like Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama have benefitted immensely from these discoveries. These explorers could circumnavigate the globe without much hardships and spread this scientific knowledge. This had truly started a metaphorical ladder of success in Europe and the New World.
To conclude, the Renaissance was a time of prosperity for Europeans at the time. It was a time for artistic expression, religious and philosophical discovery, and scientific expeditions. This had followed the New World and its initial ideas of the Europeans that conquered, at the time. The Renaissance was truly the Golden Age of Europe and due its remarkable authors, one could marvel and enjoy the benefits in today’s time.

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