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The Renaissance Era
The Renaissance Era, could be described as the era of rebirth many would see it as the era of creativity. Many findings and inventions were developed within art, science, politics, religion, and humanism. The Renaissance period began in Italy, during the mid-fourteenth through the mid-seventeenth century to begin the rebirth of a new world. (p.65, Major) The Renaissance period broadcasted different philosophies, theories, and innovators as a way to advance the mind state and environment of civilization.
Art of the Renaissance
Art consisted of many different types of creative features during the Renaissance, like architecture, painting, sculptures, literature, etc. The art world of the Renaissance was believed to have begun in the 13th century; with leaders that started the influence of Renaissance art were Giotto, Cimabue, Michelangelo, Titian, Shakespeare, and Milton. (p. 9, Brotton) With the European cultural influence, the time of the arts became very popular during this Renaissance Era. (p. 9, Brotton)
During this time, the Italian culture began the style of literature Even though the Italian culture was known for their slow development of a creative style for literature. Until the second half of the thirteen century, when they made use of their own language and used symbolism as their way of expression, also known as Provencal lyric. (p. 168, Major) Provencal lyric came from the culture of the French chivalric theme. For example; a beautiful woman was not courted as an earthly being but as a symbol of the divine. (p. 168, Major) Along with many other leaders of the art world, Dante Alighieri, who was well known for his work, Divine Comedy. This work of creative literature was, a way for Alighieri seek...

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... learning the aspects of encountering new: people, plants, animals, and minerals, with in Africa, South-East Asia, and the Americas.
In comparison to today’s society there have been many topics such as; religious wars, and controversial arts, educations, and careers. The Renaissance era pinpoints what would be known as a new way of expression in a classical manner. If there was a way to describe the Renaissance it would be “an era of intellectual action”.

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