The Removal Act Of Jackson Essay

The Removal Act Of Jackson Essay

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Can you imagine strange men invading your land, forcing you to convert to their way of living or being killed? Then after adapting, being forced to leave your home forever? This is exactly what Thomas Jackson required of the Indians after passing the Indian Removal Act. In the Removal Act, he portrayed the migration to their new home, the reserves, to be a positive thing. The Indians were led to believe they would be escorted to their new homes free of charge. Jackson also reassured them that his forefathers left their lands and had created a new life in America. By the Indians leaving their ancient lands, Jackson would be able to develop the forests and fields into cities for larger populations and increased safety from future invasions. The Indians would soon find out The Removal Acts were not a positive thing. Due to Jackson’s greed, it was a death warrant for the Indians.
Jackson’s attempt to offer the Indians a new life was was full of alterio motives. What Jackson was hiding from the Indians was the treacherous journey ahead of them. Jackson stated, “He is unwilling to submit ...

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