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The ReMotion Prosthetic Knee Essay example

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The ReMotion Prosthetic Knee

ReMotion is a project created by D-Rev (Design Revolution), a not for profit organization working in third world countries, which creates and supplies prosthetic knees to amputees living on under $4 a day (Krista Donaldson, 2013). One of the company’s major constraints when designing the knee revolved around creating a product that performed at a standard equivalent to the high end prosthetic knees, but at a cost that was affordable and allowed for mass production. The project has been running since 2009 (Krista Donaldson, 2013) and over five and a half thousand amputees have since been fitted with the ReMotion knee, with the third version being made publicly available mid 2014 (‘A Cheap Prosthetic Knee For The Developing World, Designed From Patient Feedback’, n.d.)

The ReMotion knee is an incredibility important project, working in an area that would not occur to many. Due to the stigmas in Third-World Countries, where the knees are distributed, surrounding disabilities, it is important to have a prosthetic limb that functions in a discreet life like manner to avoid discrimination. The effect that the project can on the life of an individual justifies its purpose and existence.

An engineer is someone who understands the world as it is, but works to make it better. They solve problems on both micro and macro scales and all sizes in between. While they endeavor to solve problems in such a way that the future isn’t compromised, this may not always be the case, thus providing employment for engineers in the future in order to solve the created problems. In this way, engineers display their obvious superior intelligence by ensuring employment for the future. At the end of the day, engineers are the on...

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