Remote Sensing in Afghanistan Essay

Remote Sensing in Afghanistan Essay

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The United States up until the early 90’s spent all it military resources preparing to fight the evil empire of the Soviet Union. These potential enemies dominated not only the tactics and weapon system of its days but also the remote sensors designed for this enemy. The United States created multiple Intelligence, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance (ISR) platforms, most of which were designed and used to monitor the behemoth Cold War forces of the former Soviet Union. With these impressive sensors analysts far from the fight could track where their missiles, ships, planes, and tanks were at all times. With hundreds of different remote sensors the US could determine what the Soviet Union was doing based on when and where the forces were moved.
However the nature of warfare itself changed after 911. Warfare itself morphed away from massive force-on-force conflicts sponsored by nation states, where targets were easy to find but hard to kill. To Irregular Warfare characterized by regional, local, and transnational conflicts often with no discernible state connections, where targets were hard to find but easy to kill.
Moreover not only has the face of warfare changed since 9/11, the amount of reaction time has changed. During the height of the cold war reaction time was measured in days and weeks, since 9/11, reaction time is measured in hours and in a lot of cases minutes.
Irregular Warfare has brought new challenges to US remote sensing, with the new emphasis on counterinsurgency, remote sensing must now be robust, dynamic and controlled at the right headquarters in order to get commanders the information and intelligence needed to make decisions on a decentralized counterinsurgency battlefield


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...s are steadily increasing every day. However remote sensing in a counterinsurgency environment especially Afghanistan require a very “special” set of technical collection platforms and capabilities that can be employed effectively to address collection support in Afghanistan.

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