Remote Oil Well Monitoring: Oil Pumping Units Analysis Essay

Remote Oil Well Monitoring: Oil Pumping Units Analysis Essay

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Owing to the special nature of oil well exploration and oil drilling, the larger part of the oil pumping units (OPU’s) is spread over barren hills, mountains, deserts, and therefore; the existing oil pumping system still adopt manual control. It has evident drawbacks of frequent manual administration within the harsh oilfield environment to examine the OPU status and collect health analysis .It leads to drop in oil production due to the difficulties in locating and repairing in reasonable time resulting in oil production drop. A sensor network based intelligent control system is proposed, and applied for remote oil-well health monitoring and power economy. The proposed sensor network consists of basic sensors such as Temperature sensor, Gas sensor and level sensor that are used for oil well data sensing. The sensed data is given to the controller inbuilt with CAN module for processing. The CAN bus is used to enable exchange of information between modules. The speed of the motor can be controlled according the level of the oil. The CAN module will broadcast the sensed parameters to the Raspberry pi using RS232 serial port interface and real time remote monitoring can be performed from any part of the globe through the web. The IP address can be viewed within the LCD connected to the controller. A false alarm is indicated if any malfunction occurs.


In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the adoption of emerging sensing technologies for instrumentation within a variety of structural systems. WSN‟s are mainly aimed to control and monitor various applications with relatively low power consumption. A benefit of wireless structural monitoring systems is that they are inexpensive to install bec...

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