Remote Mobile Monitoring and Healthcare Essay

Remote Mobile Monitoring and Healthcare Essay

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Pacemakers are an electrical pulse regulatory mechanism, that helps create well balanced heart beats in patients in need. Pacemaker monitoring in the past has been limited to Physician visits, and emergent visit to the hospitals. Proper pacemaker monitoring with real-time implications leaves new insight and advancement within the medical field; while delivering real-time possible life saving patient information to appropriate personnel.
With this newer technology Physicians, nurses, and other approved medical staff have the option to monitor their patient’s heart functionality, and fix pacemaker electrical signals to fit patients need from a mobile device, without ever bringing the patient into the Physicians’ office. Cardiac remote patient monitoring uses smart phones, and specific designed (secured) e-mails to deliver information sent from the device implanted within the patient’s heart. This allows medical staff to receive pertinent up-to date- information on the condition of the patient’s pacemaker, and heart. This can help create profound patient care, early critical heart failure, or heart defibrillation detection; while adding to medical staff’s proficiency, and cutting costly emergency room visits with prevention detection ("Remote Monitoring Technology Improves Pacemaker Performance", 2012).
Airstrips one of the leading technologies in mobile monitoring, applications accelerates, and completes the clinical mobility lifecycle. Airstrips mobile technology is used to monitor and bench mark analytics through mobile patient monitoring. Allowing doctors, and patients to collaborate on long term health goals, and allows medical staff to insure proper monitoring of the patients health, to help insure those goals are meant ("Ai...

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...vering possible health prevention may be a life saving venture. The incredible technology is evolving, and become more refined as each step is meant. What the complete future holds for patients medical monitoring is yet to be unveiled, but the benefits to patients and life saving information monitoring maybe one of the biggest steps in health care monitoring, and prevention.

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