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Remote access can be clearly defined as one’s ability to gain computer or network access from a remote location. Today many business people who travel often need to have remote access to their corporation's network. There is however vulnerabilities that all types of remote access have common, and it doesn’t matter what method used, the endpoint machine is vulnerable like all other systems that have access to the Internet. Whenever a system is accessible via the internet, that system is exposed to danger.

Analyze the Quick Finance Company Network Diagram and describe the assumptions you will need to make in order to identify vulnerabilities and recommend mitigation techniques as there is no further information from this company.
There are elements that are road maps that lead to system vulnerabilities: All systems contain some kind of a flaw, the flawed systems are accessible via the internet, and hackers have knowledge of system flaws and somehow gain access to the system. The network diagram of the Quick Finance Company’s shows that some of vulnerabilities I stated prior may exist in their network. I can therefore make an assumption that there are system vulnerabilities based on the fact the company’s web server was defaced twice in one month, they have experienced Denial-of-Service (DOS) attacks, and their VPN server has been previously hijacked. I can also make assumptions that they have weak administrative controls and/or security procedures. There needs to be a plan put in place to address the administrative controls and/or security procedures, to either create, replace or improve on the current controls and procedures.
I can also make an assumption that there are some hardware and software vulnerabilities, th...

... middle of paper ...

...kely to occur in any network: Ranked #1 would be some sort of a socially engineered Trojan, ranked #2 would be a man-in-the-middle attack, and ranked #3 would be a denial of service attack. There is however vulnerabilities that all types of remote access have common, and it doesn’t matter what method used, the endpoint machine is vulnerable like all other systems that have access to the Internet.

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