Remembering the Life of Sir Francis Drake Essay

Remembering the Life of Sir Francis Drake Essay

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“Sent by Queen Elizabeth on a mission, the whole country is counting on this war.” “Look, Captain Drake! The Armada is in eyesight!” “Man the cannons, I’ll take the wheel. Today is not the day we die. Pull it together men!” This perhaps is what thoughts were running through Sir Francis Drake’s mind at the point of one of the worst battles fought for his country, the battle between the English and the Spanish Armada. Militarily and economically, England wasn't the world power that they would soon become. A young boy, early interested in the art of navigation and privateering, Francis Drake would grow up to be one of England's most worthy heroes.
During the 16th century in England, Queen Mary was the monarch in power. She was also known as "Bloody Mary." Queen Mary was a Catholic. She had attempted to get rid of all the Protestants in the kingdom through executions and harassment; therefore, the nickname "Bloody Mary" (Greatsite). Elizabeth, Mary's sister, was a Protestant who was imprisoned by the Queen for her beliefs (Greatsite). Queen Mary died of a unknown disease and when this happened, Elizabeth was next in line for the throne. When Elizabeth assumed the throne of England, she forced the Catholics to pledge loyalty to the Church of England. King Phillip II of Spain did not like Elizabeth's stand in opposition to Catholicism, so he responded by creating the Spanish Armada. This was a fleet of Spanish ships that first sailed in 1588 (Trueman). The Spanish Armada was created to overthrow Queen Elizabeth and the English empire. However, this attempt to overthrow Queen Elizabeth was thwarted by Francis Drake (Trueman).
Francis Drake was born in the town of Tavistock in the county of Devonshire, England, around 1540 – 1544. ...

... middle of paper ...

...e became one of England's most worthy heroes, known to his nation and to the world.

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