Remedies Of The Future : Artificial Intelligence Voice Essay

Remedies Of The Future : Artificial Intelligence Voice Essay

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Remedies of the Future
Artificial intelligence voice: Patient number 403,172,036, Clavious to the evaluation room please.
Clavious: My goodness, is this such a good idea?
He waddles toward the evaluation room. He is precisely 52.6 pounds over the ideal weight for his height and build.
Clavious enters a large, white room with a single chair in the absolute center. The room is a perfect half-sphere. In fact, its shape is comparable to what the interior of a snow globe would be like. The only difference being that instead of water and snow-like particles which are accompanied with a beautiful Christmas scene, the only thing inside of this globe is a chair, extreme illumination, and an increasingly sweaty patient.
Artificial intelligence voice: Please take a seat.
Clavious hesitates.
Artificial intelligence voice: Patient number 403,172,036, I can detect your increased heartbeat and perspiration: average homosapien symptoms for the nervousness and stress. Do not be afraid, Clavious. Millions of your brothers and sisters have already seen optimal results in their own bodies by using the Ideal Body Image’s various physical infirmity cures. Please note that my programming cannot initiate until you have taken a seat.
He sits.
Artificial intelligence voice: Welcome, Clavious to IBI Incorporated. I am your attending program, Lucy. Here in the Ideal Body Image evaluation room you will be asked a serious of questions. Respond with “yes” or “no” to the questions. Each question must be answered with complete honesty to obtain the optimal personal results. Please nod if you understand.
Clavious nods. He pays special attention to the image of his body that has been projected onto the wall in front of him. Next to it is another image. This one ...

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...e products was called Numal, which, according to one of its various advertisements, was “a doctor approved formula [that contained] essential minerals and vitamins [that may have aided one’s] appetite”. Back in its time, Numal was giving women the curves that they wanted. According to the ad, “A skinny, scarecrow figure is neither fashionable nor glamorous. Remember, girls with the glamorous curves get the dates” (Mail Online 1). This instance in history proves that researchers will always create ways to make people happy. Now there is a new issue. Obesity and its associated desired body image: lean and toned have become the new focus of attention for researchers. Trendy bodies result in trendy medications. Since the newest trend is an absence of fat, the issue of obesity must first be addressed. In order for a solution to be found, a cause must first be identified.

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