Remediation: Contaminated Soil Excavation in Australia Might Be Justified

Remediation: Contaminated Soil Excavation in Australia Might Be Justified

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Contaminated soil excavation- The application of contaminated soil excavation by Atma environmental consultants at a site in Donvale, Victoria, Australia is well justified because, the soil at site was contaminated with Arsenic which is a toxic chemical; so as to allow a residential development. Phytoremediation-The use of willow and poplar trees to clean up subsurface hydrocarbon contamination in Manitoba and Seskatchwan petroleum sites by Federated cooperatives, is well justified as the site was remediated successfully through Phytoremediation. Furthermore, instead of excavating and transferring the contaminated soil to another site, this process proved successful as it was done on site- saving time and energy. Bioremediation- According to Prof. Shaily Mohindra of UCLA, conventional technologies for cleaning ground water are not always effective. Moreover, these methods usually move pollutants from one point to another. For that reason, Mohindra endorses Bioremediation using Pseudonocardia dioxanivorans bacteria for the mitigation of next generation pollutants e.g. Perfluorinated compounds, nano materials, and dioxane. The progress of remediation will be monitored usin stable isotopes. Pump and treat- The application of pump and treat technology in Hanford has been successful in soil and ground water remediation. By 2011, 24.7 billion gallons of ground water had been treated, although the whole process of remediation will be completed in the next 25 years. At the end of the remediation process Contaminants such as plutonium and its derivatives e.g. Carbon tetrachloride will be successfully removed from the soil and ground water. In situ thermal remediation- pump and treat technology had been used for more than 17years to clean ...

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...trated by aquatic organisms e.g. fish in water, enter the food web e.g. bald eagles feed on fish, and are bioaccumulated by organisms e.g. bald eagles at higher trophic levels (EPA B-1). Since the ban, the use of DDT in the U.S. has been effectively discontinued (EPA A-1). Long-lived pesticides like DDT were used to control target organisms over extended periods of time and reduce the need for reapplication, but may also affect non-target flora and fauna e.g. bald eagles for long periods of time (EPA B-1).

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