Essay on Reluctance for change in Nova Scotian Teaching Practices

Essay on Reluctance for change in Nova Scotian Teaching Practices

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The latter half of the eighteenth century retained the conceptualization that women belonged to the domestic sphere of the household. This sphere encompassed the duties of running and maintaining the home, along with raising any children. Related to this role of domestic work, was undertaking the task of performing literacy and written work duties, while the men undertook the spoken work. In Maritime Provinces such as Nova Scotia, the role of teaching for women came to be considered an extension of the domestic household. As teaching was an area in which women could continue to undertake the task of performing literacy and written work to children, and often, “the home, children, and school were the confines of the world for most women”. Consequently, it was in the rural school houses, such as those spread across Nova Scotia throughout the late nineteenth century and into the earlier decades of the twentieth century that women obtained jobs. Albeit, being a school teacher was considered by many to be a role that was simply an extension of work within their suited sphere, and not a notable career.
Hence, teaching for women throughout the period of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth centuries was a profession moulded upon the common belief that women were to be employed into the field of teaching based on the idea that this line of work was simply another wing of the domestic sphere that they were accustomed to. Due to this belief, Nova Scotia continued to advertently employ women into a role in which they received little acknowledgement, unequal pay, a board of trustees that were interested only in cutting costs and staying within their budget. The province was also one reluctant to change teaching regulations whic...

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