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Religous Discussion Essay

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KL> In fact, God allows even corrupt governments to exist (for a time) and uses them as instruments of judgment.

KH> Take your pick. The Apostle Paul's teaching is that any government, corrupt or not, is allowed to exist by God and is used by God for his good purposes.

KL> It's presumptuous to give specific examples because God is "behind the scenes" as such, accomplishing his plans via the existence and perhaps overthrow of governments.

KH> Again, take your pick among any government in history which has met it's demise.

JQ> Keven its not my responsibility to defend your argument. If you make the claim God overthrows a specific government you need to cite specific examples. The very fact you make this claim only suggests you have the evidence already in hand. But then again why kind of criteria would you use? What would be your methodology to identify what caused a nation's government to fail? If you don't have a set method of evaluating why nations / governments fail or collapse, then all you would have to say "God did it" without offering any proof. Which you hav...

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