Essay about Religious Specialists And Ritualism Of Judaism

Essay about Religious Specialists And Ritualism Of Judaism

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Religious Specialists and Ritualism in Judaism
I attended a Sunday Morning service at Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation. The Rabbi mostly spoke about Purim, popularly known as the "Jewish Mardi Gras". Purim is a holiday that celebrates a time when the Jews were saved from extermination in where. (insert story) For my research, I examine two religious specialists and the Jewish mindset and embodied values. I then applied the research of to further interpret my data. My data was gathered from observation, interviews and postings from the Rabbi 's blog "Getting Real with the Rabbi".
I will discuss two religious specialists, the High Priests and Rabbis. High Priests were thought to be descendants of Aaron and worked in the Temple of Jerusalem around the time of common era. Rabbis, on the other hand, did not have holy heritage, nor did they receive payment for their work as they were expected to have a secular job. Turner spoke about differences in function. Priests exhibited more of a I-it relationship, whereas prophet/shamans were more influential, exhibiting a I-Thou relationship with the congregant. In biblical times it appears Rabbi 's served more of a functionary role to the community whereas the Holy Priest presides over rites. The priests wore holy garments and the high priest wore the most holy garments such as "priestly undergarments, priestly tunic, turban, robe, Ephod , breastplate , frontlet and sash". The details of these garments are irrelevant, for it was their actions, the tasks they performed and how they conducted themselves that made them religious specialists. It would appear my Rabbi would be in accordance to Asad when he criticizes anthropologist 's focus on ritual symbols as communicating messages, codes and ...

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... achieve atonement through suffering, T’shuva, and death –they are all linked because they are all transformative. True T’shuva, asking for forgiveness, extending forgiveness, is also incredibly hard work (if it were easy, we would do it every day of the year, and not just one time a year) (PENANACE- ASAD) As the Jewish writer and columnist Erica Brown has aptly noted: comfortable people don’t grow –whereas being uncomfortable forces you to grow! Baruch Dayan Ha’emet –Praised is the Judge of Truth –because death is regarded as invariably a part of life. And yet, and yet, I realize that all this is small consolation to someone who has suffered real, profound and immediate loss. (An expert in Jewish law who sits on a beth din (rabbinical court) for civil suits and divorce cases.) Now talk about humility- self punishment- related to Asad- draws parallels with penance

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