The Religious Ritual Of The Lord 's Supper Essay

The Religious Ritual Of The Lord 's Supper Essay

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As a child growing up in a Christian household I was repeatedly reminded that “Jesus Christ was the son of the almighty lord and savior,” which is the way my grandma phrased it. My entire family emphasized this belief so much that I stopped questing the concept, and instilled it in my own mind. This belief became the nomos, meaning what everyone else believed in, because that is what they internalized in my family member’s consciousness. Every first Sunday, my church would participate in the ritual of the Lord’s Supper, which became a customary tradition for me after I was baptized. I could finally eat and drink the bread and blood of Christ. According to sociologist Peter Berger, he believed that “religious ritual has been a crucial instrument of this process of ‘reminding’” (Berger 40). I knew that many other churches participated in this ritual, but not all. Pluralism is a concept that many people cannot fully grasp because they refuse to accept differences among communities. Webster Dictionary defines pluralism as “the belief that people of different social classes, religions, etc., should live together in a society” ("Pluralism”). In terms of specifically focusing on religious pluralism, people must realize that there is no right or wrong answer when attempting to define the transcendent because every religion has their own depiction of the real. People, particularly American Christians, need to adopt the belief of religious pluralism since that the United States is continuously diversifying with several other familiar worldly religions, traditions, and beliefs.
In writer Richard Hughes’s book about Christian America, he states that states that “For Jesus, abundant life is defined by the kingdom of God” (Hughes 65). Before t...

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...mage like the famous duck rabbit one. Right off the back, everyone would notice the duck because of the visible lips. However, it would take a while for some students to notice the rabbit, while others discern the animal immediately. Hick stated that “we readily expand ‘seeing as’ into ‘experiencing as’ using all the senses in concert, as we do all the time in daily life” (Hick 139). Hick used a knife and fork as an example of seeing as and experiencing as. People that see the knife and fork recognize what the objects are, and know that they both have meaning. The same theory can be applied when talking about experiencing the real.
Through different types of religious experiences

Here is the question that I always pondered: how does this apply to my life? Due to the multiple religious communities living within the world makes the answer much more complicated.

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