Religious Practice And Boundaries Of The United States Essay

Religious Practice And Boundaries Of The United States Essay

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An Dang (011902252)
R/ST 302
Professor Pandya
April 29, 2015
Religious Practice And Boundaries
The vastly different traditions of religion forms in the United States show that how diversity of worldwide people merged into one society and formed separate traditions all while dealing boundaries between religions in America. The mystery of religious belief beyond the definition is still and will always be a much-debated topic. Regardless of whether these arguments are ever resolved, it is important to bear in mind about the powers from Albanese‘s theory, which is a system of symbols by means of which people orient themselves in a world with reference to both ordinary and extraordinary powers, meanings, and values (Albanese). She also identified religions using the four “Cs”, which are creed (basic shared beliefs), codes (rules of conduct and behavior), cults (methods of worship), and community (characteristic of the religious group). In particular, religion is an attempt to explain the unexplainable, which in turn is hard to define itself. Perceiving religions in America is like touching an elephant in the dark, we either ignorantly underestimate it or try to subjectively identify it. Everybody has his or her own opinion of definition and practice on religion, so there is always raw between people who belong to different religions; and this is the main factor that causes big problems such as tension, conflict and even war. Only religious freedom can solve this dangerous and harmful problems because religious freedom helps people to understand other religions and respect other people`s view.
In her theory, Albanese was trying to emphasize her definition with ordinary and extraordinary powers. Ordinary religion shows people how to liv...

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...ich in comparative religion refers to a process of religious amalgamation, of blending heterogeneous beliefs and practices… it is an aspect of religious interaction over time” (Veer 208). Our world is developing over decades, and so does religions. Nobody can claim that his or her religion is authentic, and others are synthetic.
Through the article “The elephant in the dark” of Catherine Albanese, I have learned another meaning of the story. Years ago, when I was a little girl, I was taught a parable that was similar to the article in the elementary school; but the lesson was kind of different. It was about scrutiny; we must perceive, examine, and judge things based on broad range of truth, not just simply “touch” a part to state a whole. In Catherine Albanese’s article, she referred the elephant as the body of religions in America, and we are trying to explore them

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