Religious Power And Its Impact On The Church Essay example

Religious Power And Its Impact On The Church Essay example

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Throughout history bishops gained not only religious power, but political power as well. The influence of bishops in politics can be seen not only in Merovingian Society, but in Roman Society as well. Many people believe that bishops are religious figures that made their impact throughout the church, but this general thought isn’t accurate. Throughout all of history bishops have made political decisions that greatly impacted the kings and how the government was operated which led to corruption within government.
A bishop is defined as a person of experience of the Christian clergy and is empowered to give holy orders. This description of a bishop illustrates the general understanding of a bishop, but doesn’t describe the political powers they would gain during this time period. Throughout this time period many bishops had a great impact on more than just the church, they had an impact on the political system. For example, Bishop Remigius of Reims and Bishop Avitus were politically active and wrote letters to King Clovis that addressed his acquisition of power as king and his conversion to Christianity. In Remigius’s letter he writes about Clovis’s new power and how he should act as king and maintain his faith in God while he is king. For example, in the letter Religious writes “you should act so that God’s Judgment may not abandon you and that your merits should maintain you at the height where you have arrived by your humility. For, as the proverb says, man’s acts are judged” (Geary pg. 129). This statement by Remigius means that Clovis should make his decisions as king with God in mind because all of his decisions will be judged by whom he is ruling. Avitus’s letter praises King Clovis for converting and how his conversion ...

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... gatherings existed from 589-702 and there were a total of eighteen gatherings. This is a prime example of how bishops were politically involved not only in Frankish society and Roman Society, but other countries as well.
All in all, bishops during this time period weren’t just religious figures because they also gained political power in their community. There are numerous examples of bishops having political power and how the political power caused them to become corrupt which led them to become targets within their own community. Bishops used their power to render both good and bad decisions, such as, gathering with a Monarch to decide on theological issues and other issues in their society. This is just one example of the kind of power bishops had during this time period. This is why many considered s as political figures rather than just religious figures.

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