Religious Intolerance And Religious Beliefs Essay

Religious Intolerance And Religious Beliefs Essay

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Religious intolerance is defined as when a group, may it be religious or non-religious, specifically refuses to tolerate practices, persons or beliefs on religious grounds. The main religious intolerance that exists in America is that against the Catholics, the Muslims, and the Jews. The cartoons and pictures of religious intolerance are alike in ways, but some are very diverse in numerous ways.
The United Nations upholds the right to free expression of religious beliefs according to articles 18 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Along with that, article 2 forbids discrimination on the basis of religion. Thanks to the United States Bill of Rights, Amendment one, people are able to practice religion as they wish. As long as that religion does not practice human sacrifice, or anything along those lines.
One theme that most of the artists are showing in their drawings is bias. All of the artists are portraying something negative against one religious group. The artists are forced to pick a side so that they can portray the message in their desired manner. This results in a lot of bias in their cartoons. Some of the pictures that aren’t cartoon, but rather actual pictures taken of people, differ because the artists, or photographers, do not have to draw, in order to pick to take a side. Rather, the photographers portray their bias by taking pictures of people holding up signs for what they believe in. When an artist will draw in a bias manner, the artists might portray the attacked religion as a demonic-looking being, or drawn with swords and guns in order to portray the other religion as the enemy.
In almost all of the cartoons there is a type of stereotyping in the artist’s drawing. The artists will try to f...

... middle of paper ... an actual picture, the people holding up the signs made blatantly obvious who they were opposed to.
All of the pictures have countless similarities even though the artists were trying to get different messages across with their pictures. Certain religions that have similar viewpoints on other religions and will have similar cartoons, while religions who have completely different beliefs will have a completely different viewpoint and in that case will create a altogether different cartoon.
Overall most types of religious intolerance in cartoons is very similar in some aspects. The artists used stereotypes to portray the people of the religion, they used some of the same issues to refer to in the drawings, or something similar. The major difference is the religion, but the intolerance, and the level of it various within the religion and with the artists beliefs.

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