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Religious Higher Education Essay

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There are many certificate and diploma programs in Religious Higher Education, but there has not been any research done into these programs and their effectiveness. There has been research into other educational certificates, such as vocational certificates, but not specifically religious educational certificates (Bosworth, 2010; Clark, 2002). It is the goal of this study to determine the ultimate applicability of religious education certificates and diplomas to the real world and the job market. The Certificate in Ministry and Diploma in Ministry at the South Texas School of Christian Studies will be the focus of this study. This institution has offered an 18-credit hour Certificate in Ministry (18-hours of Bible, Theology and Practical Ministry courses) for thirty years. They have recently added a 60-credit hour Diploma in Ministry to their degree offerings. It is the purpose of this study to determine if this degree has any practical applicability for gaining employment in the area of the degree as compared to those without any formal education or students with a bachelor, master or doctoral degree in the field of Religion or Theology.
This study would hope to add to the current research regarding educational certificates and diplomas to the specific area of religious education. Currently in this area, there is no research into these programs and their effectiveness. The purpose of this study is twofold. It seeks to determine (1) the purpose of certificate and diploma degrees within the field of theology/bible; and (2) the employability of a student with a theological certificate or diploma within the field of theology, as compared to students with a bachelor, master or doctoral degree or those individuals without for...

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