The Religious Foundations Of A Reactionary Race War Essay

The Religious Foundations Of A Reactionary Race War Essay

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The Religious Foundations of a Reactionary Race War: The Impact of Union and Confederate Propaganda on the American Civil War from April 12, 1861 to May 9, 1865

This historical study will define the religious foundation for a reactionary race war through the various modes of pro-war propaganda that impacted public opinion in the Union and the Confederacy during the Civil War. The Union’s leadership, under President Lincoln, defined a moral and religious cause for fighting against the Confederacy, which often involved the propagandistic efforts of local newspapers and private organizations, such as the Loyal Publication Society of New York, created a reactionary religious frenzy to protect the union from slavery. A focus on Lincoln’s religious ideology and the expanded volunteerism of Union mass meetings will be analyzed to evaluate the impact of religious ideology that galvanized war efforts in the North. In the South, the use of newspapers, cartooning, and the private publishing of anti-Union pamphlets encouraged Confederates to take a stance “in the name of God” to fight the militarism of the Union against southern values. E.W. Clay’s cartoons will provide a primary source argument about the reactionary nature of pro-slavery propaganda that perceived the threat of black supremacy as the end result of anti-slave ideology. Also, the “Great Revival” of Robert E. lee’s military propaganda envisioned the Confederacy as preserving a right to slaveholding values through Christian beliefs, which had a massive impact on recruiting young soldiers into the CSA. In essence, this historical study will define the religious foundation for a reactionary race war through the various modes of pro-war propaganda that impacted public opinion in t...

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...civilian morale. As not other group, Southern clergymen were responsible for the state of mind which made secession possible, and as no other group they sustained the people in their long, costly and futile War for Southern Independence.
In this propagandistic perspective, the rationalization for war in the South was based on Old Testament beliefs that slavery was the work of God, and that the North was violating those rights by making war against the Confederates. These are important aspects of the Confederate use of religious propaganda as a vehicle for recruitment and promoting a war through newspapers, government offices, and other mediums of cultural values. More so, the Confederate Army would promote the Great Revival as a way to further inspire military action against the north as a way to denounce anti-slavery proponents through protestant Christian values.

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