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Religious Experience Essay

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To experience a new religion is to open one's mind to an entirely new world. For my World Religions course, I was asked to visit a place of worship for a religion other than what I was most used to. Upon considering being raised as a Pentacostal Christian, the first idea that came to me after hearing this was for Billy and I to go with our friend Arjun's family to a Hindu temple—since Arjun had moved away recently to go to college however, he was unable to attend.
On Sunday, February 21, Billy and I joined Arjun's father in his trip to the Hindu temple in Orlando—we had to wake up earlier than usual for a Sunday but it was for good cause. We arrived at the temple in Orlando just before 10AM for a prayer service that was difficult to describe. At the entrance, there was a certainly memorable designated shoe area—not the kind of thing one expects to see often in Western places of worship. On one side of the room we next entered were men sitting in near-silent prayer, while women did the same on the other side. I guess the dress for non-priests was rather surprisingly casual com...

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