Religious Differences in Inter-Faith Marriages Essays

Religious Differences in Inter-Faith Marriages Essays

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World religions distinguish fundamentally on elements of both faith and ritual. So when the sun shines across the interfaith divide, rain is not needed to bring about an interreligious strife (Andre, Can Interfaith Relationships Work?). What do you do if you or your partner take your religion more seriously? said Stephen Prothero (Prothero, Take Religious Differences Seriously). Inter-faith marriages are those between individuals from diverse religious beliefs. A few spouses have very limited association with their religion; to others, religion forms the center of their lifetime. A few spouses see the value in other religions aside from their own. Whereas in some occasions, they may see another religion as a type of Satanism. "Everybody comes from a different perspective than their partner. If you aren't brother and sister, it's a mixed marriage" said Nora Rubel (Rubel, How to Make Interfaith Relationships Work). A partner may make many changes and alterations to their life in order to like harmoniously in an inter-faith relationship.

Communication is the solution to any relationship. Therefore, a couple either worships separately or together. By any means they might stop visiting their holy place to prevent religious disputes within their marriage. This has the benefit of reducing conflict over differences in religious culture. Although it may not be worthwhile. On the contrary, there are ways to merge traditions by making time to learn about one another's faith traditions (Dadlani, Interfaith Marriages: Celebrating Diversity). Membership within a faith group may be such a necessary piece of one or both spouses' religiosity that they cannot be withdrawn for long. Often one or both mates will want to become religiously

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