The Religious Developments During The 19th Century Essay

The Religious Developments During The 19th Century Essay

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Mormon! That definitely caught me by surprise as my number one, whereas Christianity,
which is my main belief, came in the second, and Quakers as my third. Mormons center most of their beliefs on Jesus Christ through the teachings of their Prophet Joseph Smith (Mormon News Room). Of course, all Christians believe in Jesus Christ, our Savior, but it should not be forgotten that the teachings and words of God have major priority in Christianity. The only Prophet that I believe in is God and always taught not to believe in fake prophets, like Jim Berkland who predicted a major earthquake in California, back in January 2009 (Wikipedia, 2016). Lastly the Quakers, which is listed as my third religion in my test result, consider themselves as friends of Jesus, and they play a fairly important role in the religious developments in the 17th century (Frost, 1988). Consequently, one could argue that all three religions have Jesus as a comparison, however only Christianity goes more off the word of God with the belief that Jesus his son who was sent to Earth to be sacrificed for our sins and be reborn as a holy spirit.

Unfortunately, the results I had obtained do not reflect my worldview. I have been baptized as a born again Christian and will die as one. I feel taking an online, standardized test should not jeopardize anyone’s beliefs. Reliability and validity of this type of tests should be always questioned. I know what my belief is as Christian.

Although I have heard of all three religions before, I have also obtained new information about these religions for this research paper. For example, the Quakers were not called Quakers until they started being replied to as Quakers, because the other people felt they trembled with religious v...

... middle of paper ...

...going to a Christian church in Covina and ended becoming a born again, by getting baptized again on my own. I learned that The Friends (Quakers) believe there is no life after death and that love is not penetrated by death, time, or space. I also learned that Mormons work more with the New Testament of the Bible instead of both old and new Testaments. The Mormons also and they have other terminology like instead of saying the Trinity they call it “Godhead”. God they call “Heavenly Father” but there beliefs are strongly on Jesus Christ.
To sum up, I would probably introduce it to my friends as a joke; not something to take too serious, only because, most of my friends are Christian as well and they would get a kick out of it, as I did. Maybe the result of the test might trigger them to learn more about the other religious beliefs in order to gain some new perspective.

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