The Religious Conflicts Between Israelis And Palestinians Essay

The Religious Conflicts Between Israelis And Palestinians Essay

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When the religious conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians began to emerge, it set off a whirlwind of wars and struggles that has lasted longer than a century. Because Jews wanted to live as a national entity, the Arabs felt that their own national entity was being threatened. In Raymond Scheindlin’s A Short History of the Jewish People, he explains the Jew’s and Arab’s reasoning as to why this violence ensued while the movie The Other Son gave reasoning as to why this war was senseless.
After years of being a barely tolerated foreign body and dealing with continued anti-Semitism in Europe, Jews were ready for restoration to a normal existence as a national entity. Jews believed that the Land of Israel was the best place to begin this restoration because of Palestine’s substantial Jewish population. However, a movement called the Zionist movement quickly emerged that despaired of Jewish integration into general society. Because of this, Theodor Herzl, the leader of Zionist idea “organized the First Zionist Congress in Switzerland, which culminated in a resolution stating, ‘Zionism aspires to the securing of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine, guaranteed by public law’” (Scheindlin 220). In other words, Herzl wanted to create a separate Jewish state in Palestine. However, Herzl’s efforts were met with strong opposing forces led by Palestinian Arabs. Arabs saw Jews as an invasion of Western colonizers. With increased Jewish immigration and the expansion of Jewish agricultural settlements, the opposition by local Arabs increased dramatically.
During World War I, Turkey joined the Central Powers in fighting Britain. Both the Arabs and Jews saw this as an opportunity to gain British support. Jews, however, gained B...

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...When Joseph goes to visit Yacine and his family, Bilal irrationality is forgotten when they all warm up to each other through Joseph’s song. This scene shows that even a nationwide conflict cannot break a family apart. This suggests again that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is senseless because when you look past religions and race, every person is the same.
Throughout the Israeli-Palestinian war, both the Jews and Arabs have caused mass destruction to their enemy through the use of different countries and different propaganda. In A Short History of the Jewish People, Scheindlin outlines these destructions. The movie The Other Son, however, defines how every person is the same and that religions and race should not matter in society. The movie suggests that the way towards peace and understanding is to look past the exterior of a person and find their inner self.

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