Essay about The Religious Conflict Of The Middle East

Essay about The Religious Conflict Of The Middle East

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For many years now there has been a ginormous religious conflict in the Middle East. Some say we shouldn’t intervene and others say we should. This huge religious conflict has been an ongoing war and is now getting a lot worse. ISIS, also known as ISIL or the Islamic state, a group of radical sunni Muslim jihadists are the main reason why there is a religious war happening in the middle east. The united states have been at war in Iraq for the past decade and now that the president of the U.S withdrew our military troops out of the Islamic state, it wouldn’t be worth it to send them back. With ever increasing levels of terrorist recruitment and ongoing activity the United States can no longer take a careless approach.

For the past two decade’s terrorist group, Al-Oaeda have been a threat to the U.S. In 2003 US- led invasion of Iraq and war began. The war began due to the fact that the terrorist high jacked A few U.S air-planes and crashed it into the world trade center with over hundreds of innocent man, woman, and children on the air crafts. It is also known that Al-Oaeda follows their religion strongly believing that what they are doing is right and that Allah agrees and forgives them for commenting the terrible crime. The terrorist group that is also Muslim is joining forces with Al-Oaeda and is now called ISIS (ISIL) have been turning Iraq into a slaughter state. New laws were made for the Iraqi people to where that have to follow the Islamic culture or be killed, and many were given 24- hours to move out of their own homes as well. Many Iraqi people were Christian believers as well but now there were only a few left that lived in Iraq. Most of them were murdered and beheaded or was forced to move away. A few years later Th...

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...ow that number has saddle been decreasing. The Christians were given a 24- hour notice to either convert to Islam or be killed.

For years this religious conflict has been on going, but should we take action or just watch. There are many people that are against it to help fight and there is also many others that say we should step in a take full effect. How would it feel though for us if this is happening in or country, Everybody have their point of views on different approaches in why or why not fight in this religious war ,but with ever increasing levels of terrorist recruitment the ongoing violence will be never ending. The war in Iraq is now over and most of the troops are back at home with their loved ones, it’s not worth sending them right back. This religious war will be on going until someone decides to take full effect and stopping the terrorist murderers.

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