The Religious Believer's Explanation for the Existence of Evil and Suffering in the World

The Religious Believer's Explanation for the Existence of Evil and Suffering in the World

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The problem of evil and suffering presents a real problem to the religious believer because it compels them to accept conflicting claims that are logically impossible to reconcile. Religious followers often question the nature of God and whether or not he is the type of God we are led to believe. St Augustine said that if God cannot stop evil and suffering he is not all powerful if he will not stop evil and suffering then he is not all good. However Augustine did not actually believe this to be true he set it out as something which he was going to solve. Surely God can do all that is logically possible if he created the world out of nothing. If God is supposedly all knowing then he should know how to stop evil and suffering. If God is all loving then he would want to stop evil and suffering. So what could be said is that either God is not omnibenevolent, or he is not omnipotent or quite simply God does not exist. Swinburne said that “the believer must have within a cool moment a solution to the problem of evil if he does not then his faith is not rational.
David Hume supported this ...

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