Essay on Religious Beliefs Of The Parents

Essay on Religious Beliefs Of The Parents

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Religious beliefs
Religious beliefs of the parents play a significant role on how the child disability viewed and treated. Some of the Latino mothers (with a strong influence from Catholicism and the sufferings of the Virgin Mary) view themselves as dedicated and sacrificing mothers with a child that is a blessing or gift from God (Skinner, 1999). The Native Hawaiian, African American and Native American spiritual believe that the every child (even the one with disability) is important and valued.
Family/Social/Government support
Multiple researches have been conducted on the influence of family or social group on the acceptance/diagnosis/treatment of disability. Having a child with disability changes the family interaction and dynamic. Mothers are expected to be a primary care giver. Some families are choosing to have another child for the purpose of having someone to take care for the child. Older/younger sibling caretaking is common in many of developing countries. Extended family is a source for support and comfort for majority of the collective cultures. Middle East, Asia, some Europe cultures relied heavily on the extended families to provide physical/emotional/financial support. Family is the source of solidarity, loyalty and reciprocity. Depending on a child’s acceptability into the communal life, the community is the source of either support or social isolation. Social support included not only family and friends, but also organizations such as support groups, medical services, churches and schools. Parental reliance on social support varies by culture, education level and income levels. Fear of stigma that will be attached to the child or the family may hinder the parental willingness to seek support. In creating ...

... middle of paper ... diagnosis helps shift the “blame” for the disease from the child to the mother (Daley E.L., 2014). Also, it creates the perception of the temporary condition since mothers can be taught how to develop engagement and play skills to help their child. Helping siblings to escape negative impact of autism diagnosis avoidance of family stigmatization could be another explanation why Korean mothers would rather choose the RAD diagnosis of attachment disorder. Families in traditional culture might fear that having a child with developmental disabilities may impact the other siblings, such as a social acceptance, marriage and education prospects. As it was stated above different cultures perceived symptoms of autism differently. For example, being “shy”, not having an eye contact or not to having language developed at a certain age are all culturally acceptable symptoms.

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