The Religious Beliefs Of Food Essay

The Religious Beliefs Of Food Essay

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Muslims hold some religious beliefs about food and follow a special dietary code called Halal (Lawrence & Rozmus, 2001). Halal referred to food preparation that adheres to Islamic laws. Halal concept forbids eating of pork, pork products, dead animal and consumption of alcohol, but allows consumption of fish, meat and lamb that are slaughtered accordingly (Lawrence & Rozmus, 2001). Islamic religion mandates food restriction during the month of Ramadan, the ninth month of Muslim calendar year (McKennis, 1999). During this period, family wakes early before dawn to eat and refrain from eating, drinking or taking oral medication until the sun set (Lawrence & Rozmus, 2001). Sick individuals and menstruating women are usually exempt from this practice, but they obligated to fast after full recovery. During fasting Lawrence & Rozmus (2001) found that Muslim patient who is admitted to the hospital during Ramadan may feel depressed for not participating or following Quranic laws and may need spiritual counseling and emotional support. Ramadan period poses a significant risk to patients with chronic illness, including diabetes due to alternating period (of eating and fasting (Lawrence & Rozmus, 2001). Nurses must advocate for the patients and work with them to adjust treatment plan to fit their fasting schedule. It also essential that health care team educate patient about needs to continue treatment plan and work out a plan that will not alienate patient’s religious beliefs.
Response to ill-Health and Healthcare
Muslim attitudes, beliefs and perception may influence their response to westernized health care that did not recognized their religious beliefs (Walton, Akram & Hossain, 2014). Walton, Akram & Hossain (2014) found tha...

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...ld be discourage. Lawrence & Rozmus (2001) found contraception not to be explicitly prohibited in the Quran. They noted that lengthy breast feeding is encouraged so as to prevent pregnancy. As a result of Muslims’ divergent view on contraception, it is recommended that health care providers seek the view of the patient and offer counselling accordingly.
As the numbers of cultural and religious groups (especially, Muslims) in United States is grows, so is the opportunity that nurses will care for a Muslim patient. In order to provide sensitive and cultural competent care, nurses must get familiar with practices, beliefs and culture of this religious group. Adapting Muslims’ religious beliefs such as modesty, Halal food preference and Quran recitation can reduce patients’ stresses, noncompliance and contribute to their wellbeing and health care experience.

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