Religious Beliefs And Non Believers Essay

Religious Beliefs And Non Believers Essay

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Religious beliefs are often deemed special or exempt from doubt, because they cannot be tested or empirically verified. This does not mean though that someone cannot have good reasoning for religious beliefs. It is possible to justify one’s religious beliefs to a non-believer if the believer themselves wholly believe that the religion has truth. Because there is no way you can teach someone something if you do not have knowledge of the subject yourself. Though it would be most definitely hard to even begin to get a non-believer to change their atheist ways suddenly. It would not only take much convincing but an event in one’s life would have had to happen for change to occur. Throughout this essay I will elaborate on the methods some of the world’s greatest philosophers used to support their religions and state how they dealt with non-believers.

A religious belief cannot be compared or tested beside any other belief. A religious belief overtakes any belief that a person makes in their life. Religious beliefs can influence almost every aspect of your life. From the food you eat, the clothes your wear, and just how you carry yourself as a person on a daily basis. When people are asked verification questions about their religious belief, a person will automatically get defensive. You are asking them to verify something that they live by every day and some have been living by since they were born into the world. Though no religion is perfect, and almost every individual disciple of each religion can admit that. Asking someone to empirically verify this information will be a difficult conversation to start.
One of the greatest philosophers, St. Anslem of Canterbury, were one of the few who attempted to empirically verif...

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...ting that you believe in thought that there is something greater. Proving the non-believer wrong. Anslem used a different approach when breaking down his theory of belief. Anslem broke down the different stakes that are given to you whether you are a believer or a non-believer he never tried to persuade people on which specific side to go to just weighed the pros and cons of each one. With the believer side weighing in greater benefits. Which of course the logical decision would be too be a believer and have opportunity of infinite opportunity. These authors helped me as a Christian with my own life and how I try to get some of my peers who are non-believers to believe in God and all he has done for us. No religion is perfect but as a believer it is your job to understand and accept it and help a non-believer grasp the understanding of something greater which is God.

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