Religious Belief Of God And A Direct Effect By Their God Essays

Religious Belief Of God And A Direct Effect By Their God Essays

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From here, I decided to bring some equitable research by looking at a the topic by those inclined to religious belief in god and a direct effect by their god to their psychological well-being. Mostly what I found was disconcerting statements with science jargon peppered in for validation. One statement cited from a physician, Dr. Larry Dossey, by an online program shared with confidence was that “prayer is as effective as penicillin in curing people, but without the side-effects” (Science and Spirituality, 2010). One aspect from the program that I did appreciate, however, was its citing of a study that watched the brains of nuns and monks in their most meditative states and found, as I would have expected, a decrease in the frontal cortex of each person. The speaker of the program recognized this fact as affirmation of his belief in god, in what seems to have been a search for support of his belief from random evidence, rather than examining the evidence fully and coming up with answers actually based on said evidence.
The speaker also said that “there are cases of remission of cancer that are seen when people use visualization, mental imagery, meditation, and various relaxation techniques,” without citing any examples of this, and certainly not exploring those would-be sources for the objective findings outside of speculation. Admittedly, this website is specifically catered to people who hold such religious beliefs, so statements such as these are to be expected. However, this is important to keep in mind when examining the efficacy of spirituality on psychological and physical health because just as the efficacy is dismissed by many who ultimately lose out on potential benefits of spirituality, the efficacy is also overplayed ...

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...nscendental self-referential awareness.” While these findings and essentially the study in general seems somewhat unethical, the procedures were needed for these patients, and the results were promising for the future of treating mental illness. However, these were extreme cases, so I would imagine going the traditional route of fostering spirituality to shape the brain, rather than shaping the brain to foster spirituality is the better option.
Conclusively, I have found great resources for understanding the relation between mental health and spirituality that is founded in sound, supportable and contestable science. I am especially glad to have found physical and quantifiable evidence of the effects of spirituality on individuals. All of my sources (save for the online program) are quite exciting and have given me a vision for future research that I eagerly await.

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