The Religious And Cultural Aspect Of Sex Education Essay

The Religious And Cultural Aspect Of Sex Education Essay

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The religious and cultural aspect of sex education in schools is also important to this topic. Sexual education in schools is a highly debatable topic. Some religious and cultural groups are opposed to it. As our community becomes more diverse, more cultures become integrated into the “mainstream”. For example, Muslim parents may by offended by sexual education at schools because they view it as promotion of sex outside of marriage (Zimmerman J.) This is goes against some of the fundamental pillars of faith for Islam. Opposers to sexual education may include other countries such as China, Filipino, Canadians, New Zealand, Mexico, and primarily Islamic and Catholic countries (Zimmerman J.). Some parents who identify themselves as Christian, claimed that parents should have been notified for permission are left woefully under-informed about issues that may very well affect them. Being Christian does not exclude one from being gay, transgender, gender-fluid, bisexual, asexual, etc. (Faced openly). Enthusiasts of globalization often confuse it liberalization. As people and ideas move around the world, the argument goes, ideals of individual liberty will replace the strictures of inherited tradition.
At an International Conference about student sexual education in Egypt in 1994 , the host of the conference, joined with four other Muslims countries in dissenting, saying the ruling “could be interpreted as applying to sexual relations outside of marriage” as an Iranian delegate explained (Zimmerman, J). Two predominantly catholic countries, El Salvador and Guatemala, also dissented, as did the conference’s liberal ethics on sexuality (Zimmerman, J). In contrast to this, let’s consider the Netherlands and Sweden which has historically ha...

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... in the future.
In conclusion, teen sexual education is an interesting topic that people have very different insights about. Aesthetic, economic, religious and ethical factors all come together in the topic of sexual health. A comprehensive sexual education program seems most effective in engaging teenagers to use smarter health practices. Current recommendations for teenagers in regards to sexual health include: abstinence is the surest way to protect oneself, if you do have sex then you and your partner should both get tested beforehand, regular use of condoms and know how to use them properly, mutual monogamy with one partner, and become knowledgeable of symptoms and treatment of STDs (CDC). Through knowledge, today’s youths can be empowered to make healthy choices now in sexual health and will continue these healthier behaviors throughout adulthood.

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