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Essay on Religions Census

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The US census bureau has not questioned Americans about religion since 1950s but some data had been collected by the federal government for about a century before that. Federal and assistant marshals who acted as censes enumerators until the civil war, collected data from religious leaders and clergy members, on the numbers of churches, their religion as well as the seating capacities and property values. According to censes analysis journal of 2010, the census bureau has been allowed to ask questions about religious practices only on a voluntary basis in some population and household survey (U.S. Censes, 2010). Only information gathered on religion and churches is on economic data or places of worship and establishments operated by the church.
The US censes bureau does not have much on the religious affiliation of Americans as prohibited by the public law; 94-521. It restricts the US census bureau from asking questions regarding religious affiliation on a mandatory basis, therefore the census bureau does not give the source for data on religion and hence information obtained was retrieved from religious organizations. From 1999, approximately 168 million Americans identified themselves with certain religious group, and the majority of these, 158 million claimed to be Christians and the rest of the group were Jews 5.8 million, Muslims 3 million, and the rest making up the remaining percentage.
Hinduism is among the most ancient of the eastern religions and it has a great influence on western civilization and through the years it has given rise to some cults and religious movements. In the first decade of the twenty first century, recognition to Hinduism culture in America had increasingly risen among religious schools although...

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...regions is to create a common understanding.

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