Essay about Religion - The Opiate of the People

Essay about Religion - The Opiate of the People

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I’m not often fond of Marx, the poor fool never recognized the inherent problems of his rather incoherent and unrealistic philosophy, but, I do think that an intelligent man, no matter how deluded can occasionally hit on the right idea. What idea? Simple, “Die Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes,” that is, Religion is the opiate of the (common) people. On this, there can be no question he is absolutely right, opiates and religion are one in the same. A man addicted to opiates finds his world more cheerful under the influence of the latex of poppies, sees value in life through the dreamy gaze of opium induced euphoria, and acts in a neurotic and delusional manner with his mind impaired in the opiate induced stupor he brings upon himself. So it is with religion, as humans find their world happy and meaningful with opium, so do they with religion. As with the neuroses of Opium induced pipe dreams, religion makes man persecute those who refuse to conform, it oppresses progress in the name of dogma, it flies planes into buildings, it demands the removal of secular ideas from government in the name of theocracy, it is an existential threat to every progressive idea. It too, is an existential threat to the world we live in, Jihadis and supposedly modern leaders who call themselves crusaders fight for control of the Middle East, nudging the world ever closer to complete war in the name of fictional mythologies and neuroses. In this conflict, the greatest threat to human existence must be squarely pointed out and eliminated, the nihilistic faith of Christianity. Though Islam is not a progressive faith by any standard, it does not threaten the very idea of liberty in the world, for it is fundamentally not rooted in the Western culture whe...

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...forcefully, their churches must turned into houses of the people or museums of science, their Creation Science textbooks burned, their children turned into Atheists and their preachers committed to lunatic asylums. Their status as religion should be replaced with one of mental disorder, and those who believe in their backward and barbaric ideologies medicated heavily and given thorough educations in matters of reality. I will admit, this is not in the spirit of modern liberty, but if we refuse to act, we shall see the complete destruction of humanity enacted possibly by these fanatics in the United States. To save the world, we must destroy their rapture-obsessed, neurotic, and imbecilic philosophy, so that religion may finally be allowed to die in the West, leading to a future of progress free from the Bronze Age ideas of morality the Christian portrays as truth.

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