Religion Terms and Definitions Essay

Religion Terms and Definitions Essay

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1. Universalism – this is a term that refers to the belief or thought that all religions contain valid, though differing paths to the same eternal goal. Universalists generally believe that all religions share common spiritual truths and that they are united through a universal salvation. A profound understanding of universalism is essential for anyone who desires to comprehend the religious worlds in a comparative manner. An understanding of universalism is essential because it attempt to widen the rather narrow view of religious dogma by pointing out the commonalities of each religion. It is one of the three main positions (Biblical, Rational & Universal) that compare and interpret religious diversity Knowledge of this position is therefore imperative to the student of comparative religion.

2. Rites of Passage – this is a term that refers to the ceremonious occasion that is symbolic of the passage from one religious status to another. For instance, in the Jewish faith, it is custom to hold a Bar Mitzvah for 13-year-old boys and celebrate their transition from a child into an adult...

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