Religion Should Not Be Imposed on Children of a Young Age Essay

Religion Should Not Be Imposed on Children of a Young Age Essay

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Regardless of what religious practice, you follow bringing your children into those religious practices is called indoctrination, and is always wrong because you are bringing out a concept that the child has no hope of understanding and developing an opinion at a young age. “My aunt told me that when you were saved you saw a light and something happened to you inside (Hughes 125).”
In Christianity parents enter you into the religion just a couple of weeks after your born, usually after you are born a Christian parent will bring you into church to get a baptism (different denominations have different practices) and as you are growing up the core values of Christianity are ingrained in you by Sunday School and Bible Study. Judaism instills there values in you from the minute you are born by way of circumcision and keeps you faithful by making you ‘believe’ that you will become at man at your bar mitzvah when you turn 13 years old. Islam usually has you thrown deep into the culture since people who have the same mindset most of the time surround you, and just like Christianity the core ...

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