Religion 's Views On Religion Essay

Religion 's Views On Religion Essay

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Throughout the history of the world, religion has been one of the most controversial and sensitive subjects. Many people have died for what they believe in; people feel as though their religious views make them who they are, and could not imagine seeing the world in a different way. Why would people fight and argue about religion? Why are people so entrenched in their views about God(s) and what happens after death? People do not live forever, and religion provides a sort of relief and outlet of knowing that no matter what, there is a comforting light at the end of that tunnel. Religious beliefs are seen as dividers; these barriers society builds to put people into categories. Delving in more educationally and learning that despite the title of religion being different, there are a lot of similarities between different religion’s viewpoints and values. Peeling back the societal curtain of stereotypes and prejudices by learning about the history of Hinduism and Buddhism serves as one example where there are paralleling religious concepts and morals, and different practices or beliefs that still maintain positive outlooks anchored within their teachings.
Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world, and one that many practice still today. The origin of this practice, and who exactly founded its immense following, has been a mystery that many have been searching for many hundreds of years for. The authors of its sacred texts are widely unknown; there have been records of many Gurus, Rishis, saints and leaders that have reformed and revised the teachings, and the root development from Brahmanism. Hinduism is mainly open to individual interpretation, and foundations follow a path – or many paths, considering – to wisdom. It is a polyt...

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... in the physical world. The absence of an all-knowing and powerful icon in Buddhism makes it more reliant and dependent on individual choices to escape samsara, or the reincarnation of suffering (which all live is seen as). In Hinduism, giving up all material things and relinquishing attachment to physical objects or superficial items is how to attain enlightenment and escape that cycle of suffering. Within Buddhism, living moderately and in reasonableness with the goal of balance, neither living in extreme poverty or extreme wealth, will ensure freedom from samsara. With all their different practices and religious outlooks and ideas about Gods, the ultimate reward remains the same: to escape this life’s cycle of suffering, and achieve enlightenment and salvation by gaining entrance to a heaven-like, euphoric utopia where you can be among those who have obtained it.

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