Religion Plays an Important Role in Understanding Racism Essay

Religion Plays an Important Role in Understanding Racism Essay

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“Race” is a word most notably identified with the color of someone’s skin; however the term is not one-dimensional. Racism then, is not only hatred and intolerance of a particular race. It includes every trait that you could possibly classify a human being under such as cultural, geographical, historical or religious attachments. Furthermore, it is important to recognize that racism still exists to this day. Just because forms of “separate but equal” demonstrations of racial segregation are not blatantly out in public, does not mean that other forms are not evident even in this day in age. Currently, religion plays a large role in understanding racism in modern day Sudan. A tightly controlled press, library, and internet are not even the beginning of the problem. Although the Sudan has balkanized into the northerner region Republic of Sudan and the southerner region South Sudan, nationalistic differences initiated by racism has taken a toll on the people as a whole. Racism, degradation, exploitation of human rights, and lack of tolerance is unquestionably apparent in this north African region.
It is impossible to fully understand where Sudan sits today without acknowledging its historical roots and where the conflicts stemmed from. To begin, Sudan has a large history, centuries to be exact, of exploitation and slave-raiding by the Arab Muslim north and the African Christian south. Historically, imperialism of Sudan was made possible by its northern neighbor Egypt, who was under British rule for a substantial amount of time. The British took interest in Egypt’s Nile River, while Egypt took advantage of Sudan’s slave trades and its source of ivory (“A Brief History of Modern Sudan and South Sudan”). This happened in the early 1800s ...

... middle of paper ... and domination in the hands of those who are not leading the state for the benefit of the whole are only contributing to the disembodiment of the country’s whole. The Sudanese state could blame multiple people: the British and Egyptians during imperialism, the corrupt government, its promising leaders, its communities for using aggression instead of nonviolent methods of compromise…In the end, the start of the conflict no longer stands important when so much destruction is diminishing the country’s potential when its people can no longer stay in it. Nations that supposedly lead the rest of the world by example have had their fair share of an ugly past, but they have learned by it and have taken a step forward instead of lashing against its own people. Undoubtedly racism still exists in the world today, or else much of the world’s inequality would not be present.

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