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Religion Perspective

When I was a child, I was a devout Catholic. I went to church every week and prayed before I went to bed. It wasn't until I was a teenager when I started to question the faith. I started reading more and more about religion, and why I pray and go to church every Sunday, Christianity in particular. I soon realized that it was fabricated by man, but with good intentions. One major problem I had is that it stifles the intellectual mind and has a particular definite way of looking at things.
Historically, religion has caused more bad than good. For example, the longest struggle of religious war I have ever studied, the crusades was a fanatical war. The crusades was not just aimed to retake the holy land from the Muslims, but to spread the word of god. Thousands of men, women, and children murdered all in the name of Jesus Christ. This conflict still resonates to this day in the Middle East. Some Muslims interpret their holy book (The Qur'an) and they believe that the non-followers of the Islam religion should swiftly die unless they convert. In the Spanish Inquisition, many non-Christians were tortured so they can be forced to convert, most didn't convert and they preferred death. I think this brutality should have not been forgotten as long as the religions who perpetrated the violent incidents are still in power.
Science and religion has always been rivals because science explains that there is no supernatural beings or worlds and religion states there is. There is no correlation between modern science and ancient stories written long ago. Many of the greatest scientific minds were heavily suppressed. In 1632, Galileo Galilee wrote a book called Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, in which ...

... middle of paper ... it make them calm in bad situations. Unfortunate and people under bad situations have much more faith because they do not have much that they can do or get support from.
I do not have the answers to religion, but neither does anyone else. I can tolerate other peoples beliefs but once it becomes a problem in society, I am against it. I do believe that there is a spiritual being out there but is not influencing on human life or natural disasters. I have yet to understand this world and its strange occurrences. Even though I am against the notion of religion, I want to be proved wrong. I wanna wake up one day to see actual proof of a religion and not just an image of their idol on a piece of toast, but the idol itself. I want to see an actual miracle. Until then, I will stay away from praying and churches, and spend my time in colleges and learning about this world.

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