The Religion Of Politics And Politics Essay

The Religion Of Politics And Politics Essay

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The Religion of Politics
The year is 2015 and the upcoming presidential election is extremely prominent in today’s society. Every night on the news, newscasters talk more and more about the candidates and their political opinions on major issues. A few of the most common are refugees, terrorism, and abortion which all have aspects dealing with religion. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has even gone as far as saying that all Muslims should be required to have special identification. Here in America we have separation of church and state, yet we are electing our next president on the basis of his opinion on religion. This election also has to deal with the instantaneous spread of information and the incorrect accusations that threaten their reputations and campaign. When looking at both of these concepts at the same time you see they are very intertwined. How people interact in today’s society involves a social aspect and a religious aspect and these two combined give the basis for political persuasion. It poses the question, is there any separation between church and state in today’s world. The answer is simple. All political decisions and elections in America are directly impacted by religion, especially when the social dynamic of politics is taken into perspective.
The Psychology of Politics
Social interaction is the “process of reciprocal stimulation or response between 2 people” (Social Interaction). This is what creates our social order and allows us to develop our own social parties. The breakdown between the two can be reduced the ideals that lie beneath the parties. They originated soon after the development of the united states, yet have evolved in different ways since then. In today’s political environment, Republi...

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...There is extreme social pressure to vote with your party; however, this often causes slight tension.
In conclusion, it is clear to see the line that separates church and state is very unclear. The entire government is based upon religion. In fact, both of the two major political parties have roots in religion. Political debates include arguments over religion and religious topics. There is no separation at all. Especially in today’s society, people talk about controversial ideas and express their ideas. These ideas coat the screens of teenagers and the news shows for the baby boomers. People are constantly talking and debating and arguing and expressing feelings. They don’t separate the two, and neither do presidential candidates. Religion impacts every aspect of politics, including debates, elections, bills passes, bills vetoed, and congress men elected.

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