The Religion Of Islam Is A Monotheistic Based Religion Essay

The Religion Of Islam Is A Monotheistic Based Religion Essay

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The religion of Islam is a monotheistic based religion based on revelations that were revealed to the prophet Muhammad. These revelations were later documented in what is known as Quran. Islam has been around for centuries and to some degree, this religion is considered one of the largest in the world with 1.3 billion followers worldwide (Religion Facts, n.d.). The followers of Islam are called Muslims and for any practicing Muslim, Islam is a reflection of the faith’s core principle of submission. There are people who are confused and unaware of what Muslims actually believe and what the religion of Islam truly means.
In Arabic, the word Islam means submission and for Muslims, they are submitting themselves to Allah. Islamic practices are generalized by the Five Pillars of Islam, which includes faith, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, and alms (Religion Facts, n.d.). There are so many questions surrounding the religion that many people believe Islam is a violent religion bent on the destruction of non-Muslims and there are those who believe Islam is not inherently violent, but the religion is susceptible to hijacking or distortion that promotes violence. The recordings of the Quran were committed by memory of early Muslims and then later written by scribes.
The Quran was created in a similar manner to how the Bible was also created, with each representing its own interpretation of their respected beliefs (Islam and Christianity, n.d.). In the religion of Islam, there are sects. This division between Muslim sects is deeply rooted in Islamic history as this divide is mainly between Sunni and Shia. There are other sects within the religion of Islam other than Sunni and Shia such as Sufism, Yezidi, and Ahmadiyya (Religion Facts,...

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...ite supremacists groups, animal activists, environmental groups, and anti-abortion activists (Galhorta, 2012). These is no direct comparison among these groups and Islamic terrorist, but these groups all follow a strong passion for an idea they believe in, which could result in violence. The use of a proactive approach to domestic terrorism should be maintained, opposed to a reactive posture some countries follow.
In conclusion, the hypothesis of whether Islam is a violent religion or is Islam easily manipulated towards transgressions of violence is not easily discerned because any follower of a specific religion will construe the teachings of their religion to be self-truth. Those who seek to use violence in the name of religion does not promote a positive outlook, but instead their actions only promote fear and discontent towards anyone of that specific religion.

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