The Religion Known As Islam Essay

The Religion Known As Islam Essay

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The religion known as Islam has a rich history beginning with Ishmael’s birth in 1911 BC. Ishmael is the figure known in Christianity and Islam as Abraham and Hagar’s son. Hagar was a slave to Sarah and Abraham, but since Sarah had trouble conceieving a baby Abrham had a baby with Hagar. Sarah eventually realized she did not like that Hagar and Ismael were living with her and her family so she asked for them to be sent away. As a result, Ishmael and Hagar journied to Mecca. Later Abraham returned to Mecca and built the Ka’bah, or a holy building. The Ka’bah became a refuge and place of pilgrimage. Abraham and Ishmael prayed that God would send a messenger to tell their descendants about God and holy revelations. In Islam, Ishmael is known as a prophet and ancestor to Muhammad.
It was during the “al-jahiliyya” or the age of ignorance that Muhammad was sent. The age of ignorance was marked by suspension and ignorance partly due to Christians and Jews. Murders, robberies, and government unrest were characteristics of the time. The many tribes of the area were at war with each other. The standard of morality also decreased, as there was gambling, adultery, and drinking. The Arabs were confused about their religion and worshiped many gods and goddesses, but a true follower of Islam should only worship one God.
Muhammad was born in the year 570 AD in the city of Mecca. Muhammad was raised by his uncle because his parents and grandparents died when he was very young. Muhammad became a merchant because of his family’s background and where he lived. He married a woman named Khadija and they had six children together. Later in his life, Muhammad began to find peace in mediation and one night during his mediation the angel Gabriel spoke to ...

... middle of paper ... because it gives them an outlet and way to personally connect with God on a deeper level. God will respond to prayers and provide his followers with unconditional love. Charity is also similar in both Christianity and Islam. Muslims and Christians alike believe it is important to share wealth with those in need or the poor. Jesus said those who serve the poor are also helping him. Muhammad would say that those who give of their personal wealth are following the holy way of life and submitting to God’s wants. The Shahahdah or confession is the declaration of the belief in only one God. The belief in only one God is central to the Muslim and Christian tradition (although Christians believe in the Trinity: father, son, and Holy Spirit). The belief in only one God, or monotheism, was mentioned in Nostra aetate as a uniting characteristic of Christianity and Islam.

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