Religion Is The Core Of Religion Essay

Religion Is The Core Of Religion Essay

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Many are asked to define what religion is. It is extremely difficult to come up with one comprehensive definition of religion that applies to every religion and every religious institution. The definition can be found in a dictionary or using a website but searching one’s conscience can be the core of what religion means to each individual. Many of us are raised according to our parents’ choice of religion and meaning of religion, but as we mature each of us need to identify and define what religion means to us. Religion to me is a set of personal beliefs, thoughts and feelings originating from a traditional set of teachings and practices that instills a sense of belonging to a supreme being and the resolve to do good deeds in the world.
This question of what is religion can be viewed as a philosophical question that many books and dissertations have tried to answer. If you asked ten different people what the definition of religion is, you would get ten different answers. Asking to define religion is like asking someone to define the meaning of life. It is difficult to express one definition of religion since not all religions have the same belief systems. Most people would base their answer according to their own individual religion or the one they were raised believing.
I was raised Catholic and attended twelve years of Catholic schooling. As a teen I questioned the truth of the Catholic Church teachings and stop practicing my faith. It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my first child that I returned to the Catholic Church and my religious beliefs grew stronger. My husband and I realized that we needed to raise our children in household that believed in the teachings of God. We wanted our children to have a sense of bel...

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...have bombed innocent people and performed mass shooting all in the name of their religion and of their god. Terrorist activity was seen only in foreign counties, but more recently has affected us here in our homeland. Parents are fearful to send their children to school. Facebook recently had a post from an upset parent who had witnessed her toddler reenacted what they were taught to do if an active shooter entered their school. Our government is trying to stop the violence caused by terrorist and make the world a safer place.
As mentioned it is very difficult to come up with a comprehensive definition of religion that applies to every religion and every religious institution. Many famous writings and scholars have attempted to do so. Religion has many positive aspects that affect people’s daily lives, but more recently has caused the entire world to live in fear.

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