Religion Is Good For Families And Kids Essays

Religion Is Good For Families And Kids Essays

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“The Latest Social Science is Wrong. Religion is good for families and kids. ” is an Article in the Washington Post written by W. Bradford Wilcox. The purpose of this article is to counter the belief that religion is inherently bad in our culture. The author presents a couple of key arguments made by many anti religious social scientists, such as Sam Harris. Many social scientists and people around the world make the claim that religion extremism is the “greatest problem confronting our civilization”, Harris goes a step further and questions whether religion is vital for moral development. Despite the observations that Harris makes, Wilcox counters the claims that Harris makes and states that, “On average, religion is a clear force for good when it comes to family uni ty and the welfare of children — the most important aspects of our day-to-day lives.” Wilcox presents the potential benefits of religion in the lives of our society, and presents the argument for the idea that religion is a valuable asset in our lives’. Such examples of this include fidelity in marriage, an overall sense of happiness in their marriage, children spending more time with their parents, and children being brought up with core beliefs of integrity,
In my analysis I will be examining the topic of culture and the topic of societal norms. As we know culture, “encompassing the ideas, values, practices, and material objects that allow a group of people to carry out their lives in order and harmony,” is not universal (Ritzer 2015). However, there are certain aspects of culture that are considered universal. One of these is the idea of religion, in it’s essence, religion is the belief in a superior transcending power. Religion is part of nonmaterial culture...

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...lly understand? Religion is not the only topic that gets generalized, we often generalize race, socioeconomic status, etc. For example, in the Adele video we watched in class, everything mentioned at thanksgiving was a stereotype. Likewise, with religion we seem to stereotype all the Asians with Buddhism and Arabs with Islam. We can’t understand something through the lens of a single story, because if we do we risk reaching a misunderstanding about that person, place or thing. In terms of religious extremist wreaking destruction in the name of a higher power, one must understand that for every extremist there are many more moderate believers. When we take into can say that religion is not a”negative force… as many skeptics make it to be.” This question will help sociologist analyze the topic of religion from multiple perspectives, as opposed to a single perspective.

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