Religion Is A Significant Aspect Of Humanity Essay

Religion Is A Significant Aspect Of Humanity Essay

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Religion is a significant aspect of humanity that has existed for centuries and will continue to exist for centuries to come. It’s true significance is based on the fact that it has successfully controlled human actions and beliefs through the use of an invisible God or Gods. What religion one pursues is a game of chance that is essentially dictated by where you are born, your ethnicity and your familial morals and beliefs. Certain individuals have the power to surrender their religious beliefs within the course of their lives, giving them the freewill to decide whether they will capitulate their autonomy or live a life with no given purpose. The real question is, does a higher power truly exist and are these beliefs sincerely beneficial to humanity? Religion remains one of the most controversial topics on the face of this earth, with wars being fought for centuries, in order to determine whose beliefs are more valid and whether any beliefs should be considered at all. To begin, I must mention that I was born in a Christian household and thus, my argument will be based on the Christian religion.
The belief in a higher power may seem far-fetched to some, but religion has dominated human lifestyles for centuries now, giving them a purposeful being. Through the sacrifice of one’s individual autonomy, religion supplies people with morals and values to live by, essentially, providing followers with a better place to live. Humans are naturally barbaric animals and thus, it is vital to teach them to differentiate between right and wrong. In addition, it is evident that religion succeeds in enhancing an individual’s conscience, making them more aware of their thoughts and actions. This will ensure people are on their best behaviour, eve...

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... righteous as one would assume.
Although religion has evidently guided humans into a more moral and virtuous lifestyle, one must also consider the great damage humanity has experienced and continues to experience, as a result of religious authority. This money hungry institution will do or say anything to maintain control over the lives of individuals. No religion has substantial evidence proving its validity and undoubtably, there has been no evidence of a super human controlling the actions of the world and believe me, if there was, lets just say I’m not impressed. Religion only succeeds exceedingly in one category, fictitious promises and exaggerated allegation. Therefore, like the power of politicians, God does not exist and religion itself does not genuinely benefit humanity, rather it is the disguise for the ultimate destruction and corruption of our world.

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