Essay about Religion Is A Role Model For Majority Of People

Essay about Religion Is A Role Model For Majority Of People

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Religion is a role model for majority of people in the world. Religion is also used as a standard when things happen beyond the ability of human thought. Unfortunately, there are variety of dogma that sometimes can raise a conflict among the followers. Two of religions that always have conflict between them are Islam and Christianity. History recorded that relationship between Christianity and Islam are always good and bad. There are times when these two religions look harmonious, but many times they are in a big fight over some disagreements, and one of the big arguments that Islam and Christianity are always disagree is their view about Jesus.
For Christians, Jesus is Son of God, but this term “Son of God” also indirectly explains to the Muslim that God had sex with Mary. Of course Christians always believe that Jesus is a son of Virgin Mary, but not all Muslim believe that Jesus is a really son of a virgin. Muslim has no choice to believe in Jesus. It is because name Jesus showed up five times in the Holy Qur’an, more than any other prophets (Deedat, 4). Ahmed Deedat, the book author of “Christ in Islam” observes, “Every time the Muslim mentions the name Jesus (pbuh) without these words of respect, he would be considered disrespectful, uncouth or barbaric.” (Deedat 4). Which in another word, Muslim should have no doubt in existence and role of Jesus. But, Muslim take an exception for dogma that Jesus is “begotten” son, not “created” son that leads Muslim to think what the real meaning of “begotten” son of God. (Deedat, 29) Unfortunately, there is no one know what that word really mean in God word.
The doubt that Muslims have for Jesus as a Son of God, lead them to think that actually Jesus is just a prophet and no need to worsh...

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...ohn 19. Besides that, Christians also believes that Jesus rose from His death in the third day, and Holy Bible explains it in John 20. If we see from Holy Bible and Qur’an (in Surah 19:33), they both agree that Jesus rose after His death. In fact, rising from the death is impossible for human being. If the story about Jesus being replace by a young man, and a young man was a human. It’s also impossible to him to rise for his death.
All in all, even though Islam and Christianity seem so different and have opposite view about Jesus, in the end they still end up with the same results based on Holy Bible and Holy Qur’an. Islam and Christianity are big religions in the world, and they could walk together if they can just open their eyes about all the facts and ignore their ego about whose religion is correct. But, all is back to each individual to choose who’s to believe.

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