Religion Is A Much More Advanced, Complicated, And Personal Definition Essay

Religion Is A Much More Advanced, Complicated, And Personal Definition Essay

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The definition of religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods(Merriam-Webster). After this semester I have come to realize that religion is a much more advanced, complicated, and personal definition. Religion can’t be defined in one word or one term because there is a lot that religion entails. There really is no concrete answer of what religion is and the definition varies among different groups of people and individuals.
Some would describe religion as actions and beliefs that are aimed at connecting people with what could be identified as most true, real, sacred, or divine (pg3). Depending on what religion one follows the beliefs and behaviors connect them with what is most worth knowing. This is why some form of religion is seen, heard, or taught in our everyday life. There are numerous things that affect the definition of religion. Culture, social and economic location, gender, lifestyle, ethics, and many more all affect one’s personal definition of religion. Everyone will define their religion based on the...

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